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Charlie Uruchima

Charlie has been co-organizing May Sumak since 2015, joining the the May Sumak team since its founding that year with graduate students at the CLACS at NYU. He was born and raised in New York City (Lenapehoking) of Kichwa-Ecuadorian descent. Blending his passions for Quechua, community organizing, and media, in July 2014, Charlie co-founded Kichwa Hatari, the first Kichwa radio project in the U.S. The work of Kichwa Hatari has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, RT, and the Associated Press. Charlie has also worked extensively with grassroots organizations over the years, like Democracy Now, New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE), and Brandworkers. Currently, Charlie works at the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) coordinating a city-wide workers’ rights program. In 2020, he helped launch the New York Workers’ Bill of Rights in five Latin American indigenous languages, including Kichwa, K’iche’, Mixteco, Garifuna, and Nahuatl.


Sandy has been co-organizing May Sumak since 2018. She joined the May Sumak team when she was a graduate student at New York University. She is of Peruvian/Quechua descent, with family and ancestral roots in Lima, Urubamba, and Huancavelica. As part of the Andean diaspora, Sandy was born in southern California and spent a lot of her childhood traveling between Lima and SoCal. Her grandparents spoke Quechua, but never taught her parents. Sandy attended UCLA as an undergraduate to study Kichwa and eventually NYU as a graduate student to study Quechua. She is now a Special Collections Librarian at UC Riverside, living and working on the ancestral lands of the Cahuilla, Tongva, Luiseño and Serrano peoples. In addition to working on May Sumak, she is a member of the Rimay Raíz Collective. In her spare time, she makes zines about living in the Andean diaspora and being a Quechua heritage learner through the Quwicha Zine Project

2020 Design & Communications Team
Adina Farinango

Adina Farinango is a Kichwa Artist using art as an act of resistance, healing, and self expression. Her illustrations are a way to navigate and strengthen her own identity as an urban Indigenous part of the Kichwa diaspora. Her work is heavily influenced by the resilience and strength of matriarchs in her community, past, present, and future. Through this practice she seeks to Indigenize digital spaces as a way to reclaim her narrative as an Indigenous woman. She is currently based in Lenape Territory (The Bronx, New York).

Shawna Pancarita Farinango

Shawna Pancarita Farinango, Kichwa Digital Creator based in Haudenosaunee Territory (Hamilton, Ontario) and Kichwa Territory (Otavalo, Ecuador). Her work is inspired by the resistance of her community, the beauty of la Pachamama and the strong and powerful Warmis that surround her. Through her artwork, she tries to deconstruct the narrative that has been imposed on her community by showcasing her lived experiences of what it means to live in a marginalized brown Indigenous body. She uses illustrating and graphic design as a way to explore the complexities of beauty standards, society norms, and misrepresentation of Warmis in her community. Her art has not only been a way to express herself, to take up space, and go against stereotypes of Indigenous folx but as a way of self reclamation, finding her power, and most importantly strengthening her identity.

2020 Tech coordinator
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Christian Guiñanzaca

Christian is brand new to the May Sumak team as the live streaming technician. Born in Cuenca, Ecuador and raised in Queens, New York City. Christian was drawn to music and dance since high school. He started experimenting with photography and film of dancers at 5Pointz (graffiti mecca). After it was demolished, Christian started creating films that center issues around gentrification in Queens and immigration. In 2017, as he finished a BFA for Film & Video Production at City College, he also started to DJ. Today, he works as a freelance Sound Mixer and Engineer. He's also a member of Cuchara de Palo, an all-vinyl DJ collective, where he also actively plays the role of live streaming technician.