May Sumak Artistic Guidelines:

May Sumak considers film, video, audio and digital media works made with a focus on Quechua/Kichwa identity and culture. Works made by people of Quechua/Kichwa ancestry, even if they do not explicitly pertain to Quechua/Kichwa identity, are also welcome. Preference will be given to media makers who identify as having Andean, Quechua/Kichwa, Peruvian, Bolivian or Ecuadorian ancestry, but works from all media makers will be considered.

May Sumak seeks to represent a wide diversity of ideas, themes and genres in its programming, we especially welcome experimental and non-traditional works. Works that romanticize, generalize or exoticize Indigenous Andean or Quechua/Kichwa communities and culture will not be accepted. Priority will be given to works that have not been screened before or have not been screened in several years.

1. Focus - Does the media incorporate or focus on aspects of Indigenous Andean and Quechua/Kichwa lifeways, traditions, languages, cultures, identities, politics, movements or other forms of representation? If not, is the media made by individual(s) of Quechua/Kichwa or Andean descent?

2. Self-Representation - Is the media created by individual(s) who identify as Quechua/Kichwa or Andean? Individuals who identify with Quechua/Kichwa, Indigenous, or Andean ancestry and/or heritage will also be considered as self-representing.

3. Creativity - Does the media exhibit uniqueness in the techniques, content, stories, viewpoints, formats or other methods used?

4. Relevance & Themes - Is the media relevant to the Indigenous community? Or the general community at large? Does the media contain themes that resonate with other works selected for screening?

5. Content - Because May Sumak strives to support emerging media makers in the Andean diaspora, works are not limited to full productions but can also include: home videos, student work, music videos and other non-traditional innovative media. Works of all genres and length are acceptable. Genres can be wide-ranging. Of strong preference are films that are non-discriminatory and promote the goals of anti-racism, access and gender, racial, and economic equity. Short and feature length films are acceptable.